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12:00 AM: Rebecca Davis

1:00 AM: Amelia Anglin

2:00 AM: Jackie Moore

3:00 AM: Jason Arledge

4:00 AM: Butch Bratton

5:00 AM: Norma Hilliard

6:00 AM: Nancy Grace

7:00 AM: Jerry Estes

8:00 AM: Peggy Estes

9:00 AM: Brenda Kyle

10:00 AM: Becky Hendrix

11:00 AM: Martha Hood

12:00 PM: Amy Bruce

1:00 PM: Morris Perry

2:00 PM: James & Gale Oswalt

3:00 PM: Pam Holley

4:00 PM: Mary Glynn Arledge

4:00 PM: Mary Glynn Arledge
               Ellen Hill

5:00 PM: Jacob & Magan Beasley

6:00 PM: Daphne Jackson

7:00 PM: Shannon Hendrix

8:00 PM: John Davis

9:00 PM: Alison Holloway

10:00 PM: Randy Wilburn

11:00 PM: Jacob Medlock


We exist to LOVE GOD in all aspects of our lives, LOVE OTHERS no matter where they are in their life, and MAKE DISCIPLES, as we go through out our daily life.



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Shannon, MS 38868

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